Divadlo Viola

Divadlo Viola

Od scénických čtení přes komorní dramata až po kabarety.

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Národní třída 7
Praha 1, 110 00
+420 224 220 844



Divadlo s neopakovatelnou atmosférou a historickým nábojem pro každého návštěvníka, kterým prošlo za dobu jeho působení mnoho významných osobností a skutečných celebrit. 

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  1. ljglmail

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    **Divadlo Viola** (The Viola Theater) was founded in 1999 in Vsetín, Czech Republic. During the first years, it was mainly focused on classic puppet shows from all over the world (The Lion King, The Moomins, The Wizard of Oz, etc.) and local Czech productions. Till today it is one of the most important European centers of classic puppet theater. In 2003 divadlo started to produce its own original productions using traditional Czech puppetry techniques: papier-mâché puppets with painted faces. Influenced by Commedia dell'Arte and medieval morality plays, these shows are suitable for both children and adults alike. In addition to the theater's main activity, they also offer workshops and lectures on puppetry all around the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. Since 2007 Divadlo Viola has been a member of IUPAP - International Union of Puppetry Arts Festivals and Congresses and since 2009 it has been an official partner of UNESCO's International Institute for Children's Culture in Education." https://www.imybkexperience.com/ https://www.mykfc-experience.com/ https://www.mybpcreditcard.one/
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